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Xango mangosteen juice in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles,California a city with 4.0 million people most residents of L.A. will have problems finding an Isagenix independent associate who can assist them to buy Xango juice or Xango Reserve juice at present.

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Xango® Juice and Xango Reserve® Pricing

Your price for Xango juice as a preferred customer: US$120.00. Shipping is calculated on the sales website and usually 7% of the order with state taxes varying in the US.

RETAIL PRICE FOR Xango® Juice : US$160

Xango® Reserve as a preferred customer: US$145. Shipping is calculated on the sales website and usually 7% of the order with state taxes varying in the US.

XANGO JUICE DISCOUNTS PLEASE ENSURE you pick Preferred Customer. Most people pick “Preferred Customer” for 25% discount on the RETAIL price. MONTHLY order will get an extra 5% to 10% discount on how many boxes you purchase.

RETAIL PRICE FOR Xango® Reserve US$193.33

Prices change, these prices are current at April 2021.

“Los Angeles is one of the World’s centres of media, business, and international trade. It is also the home to renowned institutions covering a broad range of educational and professional fields, and it is one of the most substantial economic engines of the United States. Los Angeles (and its Hollywood district) leads the world in producing entertainment such as motion pictures, television, and recorded music. It is also home to the Wilshire Grand Center, California’s tallest building, standing at 1,100 feet tall. “ ~ Wikipedia reference

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XanGo Juice from Mangosteen

Have you been looking for the original mangosteen juice in Los Angeles?

Don’t be led astray by paid advertisements that never show you the full cost. Some retailers during 2020 have hiked up the price of Xango juice and Xango Reserve juice.

As genuine Isagenix independent associates all our team sell at wholesale prices.

Paid ads don’t show shipping costs. Ordering from our Isagenix independent associate website  will have your order of Xango mangosteen juice shipped anywhere in Los Angeles within 5 to 7 business days and it can be shorter than 5 days.

We supply at wholesale rates that is a 25% discount on retail prices.

“Mangosteen juice highly nutritious and providing many essential nutrients, Xango® is the original mangosteen dietary supplement that captures the refreshing, tangy flavor and natural color of the mangosteen fruit. Xango’s proprietary puree formula uses the whole mangosteen fruit, which contains phytonutrients like xanthones, flavonoids, and catechins.” *

• Supports healthy body function.†
• Supports overall well-being.†
• High in bioflavonoids (catechins and proanthocyanidins).

†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” *

The * symbol indicates text directly from the Xango juice page on the Isagenix sales site.

Buy 6 or more of Xango juice or Xango Reserve and save 10% on each!

Xango® Reserve

Your Price: US$145.00 Xango® Reserve offers a refined Mangosteen experience delivering more Mangosteen content and an incredibly smooth, rich and complex flavor. Higher Mangosteen concentration naturally offers a great amount of phytonutrients. Supported by the same science as XANGO Juice, Reserve is ideal for special occasions and celebrations where it’s sure to impress.

What is mangosteen?

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit from South East Asia, typically believed to have actually originated around the Malacca Straits. The entire mangosteen has actually been a part of the standard medicine of different Asian countries for ages. The health advantages of mangosteen have been understood given that 18th century. The fruit is supposedly called The Queen of Fruits as Queen Victoria wished to taste it and grow it. More than most likely it is the other half of a famous fruit duo as durian is understood  as The King of Fruits in SE Asia.

What are Xanthones?

Xanthones, from the pericarp, entire fruit, heartwood, and leaf of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana Linn., GML ). Xanthones are rare anti-oxidants found only in really few foods sources. Xanthones are understood to possess a large spectrum of pharmacologic residential or commercial properties.

Search PubMed for “mangosteen and xanthones” to discover the data. These residential or commercial properties discovered in mangosteen include antioxidant, anti- growth, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral activities.

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